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The core business of DKK Development is the creation of IT projects and telecare systems for large companies, which enable constant development of the business and allow us to engage in new undertakings.

The idea for starting this company arose back when we were university students. IT was our hobby and just as a hobby we created our first project - Wildy Jimi, a game that was 100% hand-drawn. Soon after that we applied for EU funding to start this business.

Company activity

Products, workshops, conferences

To be as efficient as possible we decided to rent a house, which was also our home-office. It wasn’t all perfect - we set our workroom in the attic, which was always too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer - with 3 working computers and no AC.

Then we moved the office to AEROPOLIS, where we actually had the AC. This might or might now have made a difference, but we started working on more and more projects, one of them being TIM, which still is one of our top products, one we constantly develop - because we have seen how it changes lives. So far, it has been translated into 6 languages and is being distributed in many countries.

Another big project we are passionate about is Telecare. Together with our partners we were able to design software for a band, which enables its users to easily report a threat directly to a dispatch centre or a caretaker.

In 2019 we have changed the legal form of the company and opened a second office in Mielec. We continue on developing our existing projects, but also get involved in numerous new undertakings.